Weekly Update #17

The only reason this isn’t a Chapter Eight Author’s Note is I that I have nothing to say.

Story Updates

I’ve added interrobangs[1] to all my previous chapters because they are an unfairly shat upon piece of punctuation.

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Compilation Update

A Compilation Update for the past few weeks. And I’m back! Again!

So I’ve neglected my blog’s weekly updates for a while. I’m pretty sure its because my internal schedule recalibration system needs an update I don’t know how to give it, so it tends to lag a bit.

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An Excerpt from My Journal

Exactly what it says on the tin.

Transcripts from my writing journal for today. Minor grammatical edits also made, but this will be word for word. I’ll keep adding things through the day as I get a chance to type them up. Enjoy!

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