Chapter Eight Sneak Peek #1

Out of context bits of stuff I’ve written this week!

Author's Note Header

I liked the format for last week’s author’s note, so I’m gonna do that again here.

Below are some out of context bits of stuff I’ve written this week. Please enjoy![1]Edit: Due to technical issues, I’ve removed the tab setup that was here before and just converted it to paragraphs. Apologies.

Scene A

“Jack, did you hear me?”

But noooo. Curtis required participation.

Curtis waved his hand in front of Jack’s vacant stare. “Sir? You there?”

Scene B

“Because you know me enough to know what I mean to say and you’re better at this sort of thing,” said Myrna, sparkling in with her hand already on her hip.

Bernard snorted. “Not that much better.”

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