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The Spirit of Christmas is Dying

Summary: An alternate universe story about what our beloved characters would do under Jack Frost’s Santa, and what would happen if Scott failed to regain his Santa-ness in the third movie. Needless to say, Jack isn’t very good at instilling the Spirit of Christmas, which has magical ripple effects across the board.

Warnings: Very minor. Some cursing with a particular character and Death is a thing, but any scarring is unintentional on my part. Minor character death.

Chapter List:

Prologue: A Creation Story of Sorts

Chapter One: A Slight Company Reorganization

Chapter Two: Much Ado About Nothing

Chapter Three: Housemates

Chapter Four: Jack of All Trades

Chapter Five: Traditions, Ties, and Tension

Chapter Six: Conclusion Hopscotch

Chapter Seven: Responsibility

Chapter Eight: More Ado About Nothing

Chapter Nine: Mother Nature

Chapter Ten: Pre-Show Jitters

Chapter Eleven: Missed Messages

Chapter Twelve: Elfmas Present

Chapter Thirteen: Elfmas Past

Chapter Fourteen: Elfmas Future

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