F***ing hell, I’m late again


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Yes, I know this is late.

It was a bit unavoidable this time. For one, I spent all day Friday[1]when I normally would write this driving to an SCA event, under the impression we would get there before double-digit evening hours because I foolishly put stock in what the iPhone map app estimated the time would be.

It lied, by the way. And it sent us to a toll road that it didn’t mark for some reason even after we told it “no toll roads, please, thanks.” So the map app sucks all the orifices at the moment.

But I have some excellent news on the story front. I’ve finally finished my chapter outline! And you might have noticed I’ve added a progress tracker to the sidebar and may be wondering what the numbers mean.

Well, it means I did some math. Probably unnecessarily.

I took the average word count of the chapters I’ve completed & multiplied that by the number of chapters I’ve got in my chapter outline. This gave me my guesstimated total word count. Then I just plugged in my current word count and the guesstimated total into a progress bar plugin and voila! You’ve got a progress tracker with numbers that are subject to change as I fiddle with it when I want to feel productive but don’t have the brainpower to actually write anything.

But this does mean I am currently working on actually writing chapter seven again. Still not sure how far away I am from completing it, but I may have a better idea next week when I’ve worked on it a bit more.

Thanks for reading and see you all later this week!

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