Weekly Update #16

Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down…

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… Never gonna run around and desert you.

I regret nothing.

Story Updates

I’m currently ironing out a sticking point. I have to figure out how to show a character watching a diagetic stage production without turning the scene into one of these:

Hi, I’m a song lyric.

Hi, I’m actual story text.

I’m supposed to be a soundtrack, but I don’t know how to indicate that without literally writing the soundtrack out and banking on you recognizing the song.

I’m more story text.”

I could put an example here from my experience reading fanfic, but I don’t want to be needlessly mean and most examples I can think of are from works that are otherwise fine to good.

This never really works in my opinion. It just is one of the negative labels of fanfiction for me and it doesn’t really use the strengths of writing to its advantage. So I’m in the middle of figuring that detail out.


Pretty sure I’ve given myself a repetitive motion injury from knitting too much. That’s fun.

Schedules are hard. I apparently broke my old one by adding in a minimal Wii Fit workout to it. So I’m bug fixing that. Ugh. This is what has eaten most of my non-writing time.

Anything Else?

Not that I can think of. Hopefully I’ll actually see you again next week.

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