Weekly Update #19

Let’s talk about Kanban boards.

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Remember when I said I wanted to start doing weekly updates again? And that I’m no longer giving estimates for when story updates would happen?

Well, guess what won out!

Hey, sorry I’m late. I underestimated the pull of both IRL finals and Minecraft. Whoops.

I did look into Kanban boards to show my writing process. I have one in my disc-bound story notes notebook, but it’s also a good visual way to show how far along the general writing pipeline I am. The problem is, I was looking more for a pretty visual, and most things designed and advertised as “Kanban Boards” are for actually responsible people who need to use the tool but online. So I’m going to need to finagle something else to accomplish what I’m going for. Probably something like a mind-map shortcode or a table or something. I’ll figure it out.

Wait, hold up. What exactly is a Kanban Board?

I’m glad you asked. It’s basically a to-do list for people who like sticky notes too much. Or people who need tasks broken down to their smallest components.

Basically, you have columns/rows set up to show the stages of completing X task. As different portions of X task are completed, they move along the line of columns/rows until X task is completed. For me, this is scenes of a chapter moving along from prewriting to final upload.

I’ll recreate what I currently have in my notebook to help explain:

Myrna and Bernard discuss their parents
Sybil watches Jack w/the List
Rough Draft 1: Fountain Pen
Rough Draft 2: Pencil
Bernard receives a letter
Rough Draft 3: Typewriter
Rough Draft 4: Neo
Edit Pass 1: Print Out
Edit Pass 2: TTS

“14.X” here meaning “Chapter 14, Scene X.” Each one is a sticky note in my notebook. As of now, I still need to do a Fountain Pen pass of Scene C, I just finished that for Scene B, and Scene A is waiting up in the Typewriter stage. (I’ll explain the stages below.)

Now, I know this looks very technical and complicated, and it probably is. I will point out that this works more like a guide. I find it helpful to have the underlying foundation of something like this, but feel no compunction to follow it to the letter. Some scenes skip steps, some move back for some reworking, and some hop around all over the place before I feel they’re ready to publish. And most of these steps were added so I have an excuse to play with the tool listed (*cough, cough* typewriter and neo *cough, cough*).

So what do all these colors mean?


So yeah. That’s the structure of my writing process. Still more complicated than it probably needed to be, but sticky notes are fun, and there is something nice about pulling out the board when I’ve had to focus on school and being able to see at a glance where I last left things off.

Just a quick note about next week’s upload: it’s going to be late as I’m heading out with my dad to an SCA event up in Witchita Falls, so I’ll literally be on the road during my planned upload time. I’ll get one out, but it’ll be like this one (i.e., late).

Thank you all so much for reading, and I’ll see you all next week! Bye!

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