Weekly Update #18

I’m not dead! Nor am I giving up writing!

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I Am Not Dead!

Hello Everyone!

I’m trying out doing this weekly update thing again. Honestly, having to allot time for traveling to and from school has had detrimental effects on my writing schedule in general. I just want to get into practice again. I miss this. It was fun. 🙂

Story Updates

Writing, as I’ve said above, has been pretty low going. I’m almost done with getting all my scenes for the next chapter past the word-vomit-on-the-page rough draft stage, and some are already well on their way to the editing/rewriting stages. I’m planning to add a kanban board somewhere on this site, so I can have a clearer, more visual depiction of where I am in my writing process. If I can figure it out by next week, I may make it the feature of next week’s update. But that’s only if I can figure it out in time. Still working on re-alloting myself writing time without tanking everything else happening in my life.

I’m also going to stop giving myself deadlines and schedules because I have literally never been able to make one I can stick to, even when I was writing more regularly. So I have decided to yeet the concept. It clearly doesn’t work for where I am in life right now.


I am still in the ASL program. And I’m having a mini existential crisis. I’m not sure if I actually want to do interpreting, even as a job for a short span of my life. I’ve never seen myself doing this until retirement, even when I joined. And I may also just be bored with where I am. I’m not sure yet. But I am going to try applying for a librarian assistant/tech/whatever-because-the-labels-aren’t-consistent position. Not a proper librarian role (that requires a Master’s degree), but the person reshelving books and checking out books for people. If I can get a position, it would be a way to try out the waters and see if it would work better for me. AT worst, it doesn’t, and I have a clearer schedule to get Observation hours for the ASL program.

I’m also looking into Master’s programs for a Library Science degree. But I’m gearing up more for the job so I can have an idea of what to expect before dropping money for that.

Anything Else?

Christmas is coming and as ever, I am hyped for it. 😀

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