Weekly Update #11

Just me being a downer despite not being down. Oh, and experimenting with the format some more.

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So, in case you haven’t noticed, it’s not Friday. Or at least, it won’t be when you’re reading this. And that only supposes that you read my updates when they came out. But for the purposes of writing, I’m going to suppose that you did. Or do.

This is getting weird, let me start over.

Okay, so I’m moving the date these updates go live to Tuesday, but I’m still writing them on Friday because the internet told me to and so I could sleep in on Fridays without having to worry about getting up and writing a half-ass update. So hopefully this will help in the long run with the quality of these… whatever -they-ares.

Also I’m probably not going to keep the format I had been using up until last week because, while I’ve (mostly) recovered from whatever the hell my sinuses were doing, I’m still not feeling it. So it’s going into a quiet retirement. Unless I end up needing it again. Then I’m dragging it back into the spotlight. But not now.

Moving on…

So what have I actually done this week? Mainly school, finishing Scene B’s rough draft, going to an Alabama concert with my mom, and thinking about how to make these less repetitive and more interesting to read or if I should even bother because miniature existential crisis-es[1]How the hell are you supposed to spell that? I can’t brain right now. I can’t seem to brain at all any more save in small rare bursts. are apparently the bread and butter of a millenial’s life.

I’ve also been trying out a time tracker so I can more accurately reflect on how I’m wasting my life. It’s been working really well so far. I’m basing it on this video I found but adapted it to a tiny pocket notebook that’s got “Keep Calm and Carry On” written on the cover because I love dead memes.

A picture of me holding up my tiny pocket notebook that's got "Keep Calm and Carry On" written on the cover.
Actual picture of my tiny pocket notebook.

I have no idea why I’m being such a downer right now. I’m not actually in a bad mood or anything like that. Maybe the internet has just affected how I connect to people I’m not talking to in person. Oh, who are we kidding. It’s affected how I talk to people too.

I’m getting away from my point. I was trying to say that despite my tone, I’m actually doing really well. My schoolwork has been going along swimmingly, and for once in my writing plans, I finished a stage ahead of time. Both of which are going to improve my mood vastly.

Speaking of which, I had the idea of using either Fridays or the weekends in general (where I have given myself no word count requirement) for editing what I vomited into my notebook the past week. And when I decided to do this, I ended up finishing the scene I was currently working on a day ahead of time. Yay!

I’d go into my schoolwork a bit more, but it’s the boring type of “going swimmingly” where the most I can really say is “it’s going well”. Like I mean it, but there aren’t really any juicy details I could think of sharing that would be entertaining to read.

Enough personal stuff. What about the story?

Okay, so what’s been going on in the fantasy space I inhabit when not required to partake in the real world?

Hangovers, responsibilities, and agreements of questionable legality.

Is that answer cryptic as shit? Absolutely. Am I going to expand on it? Yeah, it’s called the next chapter. I just thought it might be fun to add a little riddle-like hint of what’s to come. To spice things up a bit.

In conclusion

I hope this has been a fun read for y’all[2]Those being family and friends and spam-bots. Let me know if this is an approach I should pursue or if it should be a weird little failed experiment.

Have a lovely week!


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