Weekly Update #10

The [beep] is sleep?

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I’m still not sick. And I’m not feeling my usual format today, so I’m just gonna ramble for a bit.

So for the past two nights, despite taking Mucinex Max Not-Nyquil stuff, I’ve been up until single digit hours coughing. So my writing has been crawling along. If anyone is actually looking at my pacemaker graph I’ve put in the footer, you’ll notice a sudden plateau in my word count. I blame the weather. Feel free to blame me if you want. *cough*

I’ve also been looking into time trackers since I’ve been in that limbo state of being too tired to create anything but too awake (and at school) to fall asleep. Knowing me I’m probably not going to implement any of them, but they’re fun to watch I guess.

I’m still very tired.


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