Official “Unfuck You”

A formal apology written in an unofficial fashion.


Yesterday, I had a far better time than I expected to have at my cousin’s wedding reception. It provided some vital and greatly needed perspective. And given that I’m sure a few of y’all are gonna check out this blog (if you haven’t already): a) Hi! Welcome to the nonsense that is my ramblings and b) I’m sorry for telling y’all to fuck off. Granted, it was a while ago, but I think it’s important that it’s said.[1]or would it be “written”? Idk, semantics. It was spoken out of hurt and feeling left out of that side of the family. And given that many (if not most of y’all) made it clear that you’re perfectly willing to include us at the reception, then that fuck you obviously does not apply. So I am formally retracting any insults towards those who spent any amount of time with us at the party (unless you didn’t know who we were or something. Then y’all still get a pass anyway). Y’all are alright. Unfuck you.

Once again, I’m sorry. And thank you for helping us feel included.

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