Weekly Update #2

Outlines (again) and Finals (over)

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I outlined what exactly happens in the next chapter. This is the next level of detail after the big outline I talked about last time.

I realize this may seem a bit redundant, given I had just finished outlining the whole story, but for me, this is a key step in my writing process. This level of outlining is figuring out what is going to happen in the scene(s) so I can focus on the best way to portray those events.

So the bad news is that I still don’t have anything to show y’all guys. The good news is that I’m coming to the end of the project-management-y aspects of this chapter, and I’ll be able to start actually writing soon…


… especially that finals week is over. And speaking of, I missed my first final in my college/university career. There was mis-communicated assumptions on both my and the teacher’s part. I made the mistake of thinking that the time and date he emphasized in class would be no different than the time I could find online, as literally every other class I have has brought up the exam date/times.

It turned out alright, as I could go to the night class’ exam later in the week, but I was pissed. Not actually at anyone, mostly just frustrated with the way things fell. Not the teacher, not myself, just the situation. It’s a weird position to be in. Fortunately, it wasn’t distracting enough to affect me actually taking the exam. And I’m definitely writing the exam times down for all ASL classes in the future.

Why do they even have different times from the school that makes no sense aaaAAAAH.

… I need to stop screaming so much.

Is that all?

Other than it’s ALMOST CHRISTMAS?!






Eh, not really. It’s all chill.

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