TSOCID – Chapter Five

Chapter Five: Traditions, Ties, and Tension

Ever since Hazel had, quite literally, picked up shop and moved her establishment to the North Pole, she’d had the quietest Christmas mornings since she could remember them being a thing. The tavern looked festive enough, strung with garland, cranberries, and paper chains, and the tree twinkled in the corner with the light of just enough candles sprinkled through its leaves. It was cozy enough to invite even the most cranky of forced early Christmas risers. But the only ones who were awake (and had decided to meander down for breakfast) were her, a handful of the inn’s tenants, and her huldra waitstaff. Although, in the end, it didn’t matter if anyone saw them now. They weren’t up for the elves anyway.

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TSOCID – Chapter Four

Chapter Four: Jack of All Trades

After throwing their new guest’s boxes out the back of the truck, and leaving him with only her keys and the apartment number, Juniper sped away in a vain attempt to make up for the lost rehearsal time she was late for. She was pretty sure she was breaking the speed limit, but this early on Christmas morning, most elves were asleep, so the roads were empty. Even if she did hit something, it was more likely to be an inanimate object.

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TSOCID – Chapter Two

Chapter Two: Much Ado About Nothing

The only sound more annoying than an alarm clock going off at the proper time is a phone ringing a few hours earlier. When this happens, most people feel justified in answering said phone with an unpleasant demeanor. While this may be true of most people, it was a law of the universe for Myrna. And she was not afraid to deliver swift and (to her) just punishment to those who interrupted her slumber.

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TSOCID – Chapter Three

Chapter Three: Housemates

Bernard sat on the steps leading up to the workshop, surrounded by boxes he and Curtis had carted down from his old office and quarters. The first thing he had done upon receiving his undignified notice was call up his sister to help him move out. Myrna had said she would be by a little later with her truck. Now, it’s a lot later. And there’s still no truck.

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TSOCID – Chapter One

Chapter One: A Slight Company Reorganization

December 1994

North Pole

The first thing that told Bernard something was wrong was the sickening sense of déjà vu that hit his gut as he watched the sleigh descend from the ceiling. Had it been any other time, he would have brushed it off as part of the repetitious nature of the yearly job. But he knew enough about magic to recognize some of the subtle clues it left behind. Something, besides the sleigh, was up.

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Scene A

Okay, so I’m going to give a little bit of explanation before presenting the actual writing. My tendency when writing is to write a little bit, start editing it, then never write anything else because I can’t stop editing! So to avoid this pitfall, I’ve utilized the power of a really cool website called http://uniqcode.com/typewriter/. For those of you who don’t want to click away from the amazing mediocrity that is my website, here’s a quick explanation: it’s a really cool typewriter simulator that allows you to save pdfs of the pages. It is also impossible to get what you’ve written out on the pages into any word-processor-editing-software-thing without just retyping the entire thing, because the pdfs and the site won’t let you. (Believe me, I tried.) Which is perfect for someone trying to just get one shitty rough draft done with before messing with it to make it purty!

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