TSOCID – Chapter Fourteen

Bernard and Myrna recieve a letter. A Naughty and Nice elf notices something.

Chapter Fourteen: Elfmas Future

The cuckoo clock mounted over the fireplace mantel went off around 1:15pm, finally pulling Bernard out of his job search plans. Looking up through the crick in his neck, he watched as the doorway tucked under the face of the clock opened and the expected cuckoo shot out on a spring, holding a tiny “Mail’s here!” sign in its mouth.

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TSOCID – Chapter Thirteen

Hazel tries to comfort Bernard and Curtis is late.

Chapter Thirteen: Elfmas Past

Hazel hadn’t quite assembled her whole ensemble when she walked out of her living room into the tavern. Her gloves were still tucked under her arm and her scarf hung lopsidedly from her neck as she fiddled with the buttons of her coat. She’d left her cane resting against her armchair, but that was only because she planned to spirit it to her with magic once she reached the front entrance.

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TSOCID – Prologue

Prologue: A Creation Story of Sorts

At the beginning of existence, there was just chaos. It wasn’t unpleasant, but it was… well, chaotic. Physics and time were there if you wished to dabble in them, but it was hardly the requirement it is today. And while it certainly gave everyone the freedom to do whatever they wanted, it also made it extremely difficult to get anything done. So some of the more prominent forces floating about decided it would be a good idea to put some sort of rules in place, even if they left loopholes for them to be broken.

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TSOCID – Chapter Eleven

Jack is about to watch a play. Myrna deposits some flowers.

Chapter Eleven: Missed Messages

“So I’m just really excited to see how everyone does. I mean, this is one of my favorite stories ever, and the movie this is based on is one of my favorite versions of it and now I get to see one that my sister helped with!” The elf squirmed happily in her seat, ignoring the baffled silence from Jack. Her unbounded energy had been apparent when she immediately leapt up to yank his arm around in greeting the second he entered the box. Korina, as the elf had introduced herself, was quite the spectacle. She had on an eye-wateringly white fur coat and matching kubanka adorned with a small holly applique, both of which contrasted sharply against her dark skin tone. Between the distracting visual display, the speed at which she spoke, and his ignorance of whatever it was she was talking about, he had a hard time following the conversational thread.

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TSOCID – Chapter Ten

Myrna is needled in a flowershop and Jack is bored.

Chapter Ten: Pre-Show Jitters

Elfmas Eve

In a tucked-away corner of Aelfsburg, just outside of Rosa’s Fresh Year-Round Flower Emporium, two figures teleported in mid-conversation.

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TSOCID – Chapter Nine

Chapter Nine: Mother Nature

Vermont, USA

On the edge of the Maple Guardian’s forest

“Hey, man,” the hiker said, slightly out of breath from having to jog with a backpack on to keep up with me, “I gotta say thanks for helping me out.”

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TSOCID – Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight: More Ado About Nothing

Vermont, USA

Lookout Tower D

A forest perimeter guard was one of the easiest positions a Scout Elf could fill. It required no human interaction, had minimal day-to-day duties, and every single outpost was located smack dab in the middle of some of the most beautiful natural locations known to elf or man. Landing an FPG assignment fresh out of basic Scout Elf training would inevitably be followed by rumors of friends in high places circulating for months after deployment. At least, that was Harriet’s experience. Her rumors had been especially jealous. She could see why. The job was great.

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TSOCID – Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven: Responsibilities

January 1995

By the time New Years rolled around, Curtis woke up expecting a brand new slew of disasters. Between the inevitable rough patch that follows any change in management and Jack’s refusal to do anything, nearly every section of the North Pole had already faced some catastrophic failure he had to deal with. Alone. Every time. So when Curtis arrived at the stuffed animal production line to find a hurricane of stuffing and fake fur caused by a broken windowpane, he wasn’t surprised Jack was nowhere to be found. And, like every other time before, the situation was too much of an emergency for him to walk away from it and drag Jack back by his ear. 

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