Weekly Update #7

Silent Hill Fog, ADHD purgatory, and “The Man Who Invented Christmas”

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As I am writing this, there’s a thick layer of Silent Hill fog permeating outside. I live for this type of atmosphere.

Anyway, on to the relevant stuff.

Story Updates:

In terms of bulk, not all that much. Progress is happening, but a lot of editing happened this week. Which I keep being told is bad to do until you finish the crap first draft and I always ignore.

Maybe this is why it takes me forever to write?

Whatever. Not like it’s going to change my habits. Not right now anyway.


I’m stuck in an ADHD purgatory of putting away the Christmas decorations. Why this is so much harder than putting them up I will never know. This is also the biggest thing pulling me away from my writing.

Also, Community College bureaucracy is once again rearing its ugly head. The start of the semester seems to be business-bullshit-dragon-slaying time.

Is there anything else?

Just saw The Man Who Invented Christmas last night and I have a lot of opinions. May or may not write a review of it in the near future.

See y’all next week!

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