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I finally graduated last week. Now that long-ass final papers and exams and putting silly hats on to walk across a stage before grades were officially posted are over, I should’ve had all the time in the world this past week to work on my fanfic.

So what kind of progress have I managed to make on my story?

Absolutely dick-diddly.

It ends up that I had other things waiting patiently in the wings for my attention. And it has been a surprisingly productive week, just not in the area of writing.

Some examples of what I actually managed to do are:

  • Tweeted a lot for #SaveLucifer and #PickUpLucifer. A worthy cause if there ever was one. Because Lucifer is amazing. Go watch it if you haven’t and be mad at FOX with me… and literally everyone else in the Lucifer fandom. (Like, seriously FOX, wtf?!)
    Also whoever picks it up is going to have early 2000s Valve levels of social good graces. It would be a great business move.
  • Dealt with SAC admissions. Because apparently, Community College’s weeding process is having the process of signing up more difficult than the classes themselves. And their computers suck at remembering that you actually did put in your social security number, so we had to go give it to them in person.
  • Found old recordings of Sirens conference. I think they’re from the ghost year. That’s pretty cool. They were on this old voice recorder that doesn’t have a means of offloading the recordings built into it. It was probably meant more for small notes than recordings of talks you want to keep.
  • Figured out how to move them (and subsequently, any other recordings on my Memorex recorder) to the computer despite not having a USB thing. The trick is you use the microphone plug. Cool beans.
  • Cleaned my room. Well, almost. Haven’t quite finished that one.
  • Finally got around to reading one of my Bookishly books and found out it’s amazing! It’s called Appointment in New Orleans. And I found out it isn’t on Goodreads, which, how dare you Goodreads? Why? Get on that shit!
  • Wrote an actual blog post. For my blog. That’s been here for years. Like a normal blogger. (Wait, doesn’t this count as writing?)

I should have some progress done by next week. I think I just needed some time to wind down and re-organize my life around the fact that I’m not going to be going to UIW anymore. Weird.

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