TSOCID – Chapter Seven

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Jack is recommended for a position.

Chapter Seven: Ripples


By the time New Years rolled around, Curtis woke up expecting a brand new slew of disasters. Between the inevitable rough patch that follows any change in management and Jack’s refusal to do anything, nearly every section of the North Pole had already faced some catastrophic failure he had to deal with. Alone. Every time. So when Curtis arrived at the stuffed animal production line to find a hurricane of stuffing and fake fur crashing in through a broken windowpane, he wasn’t surprised Jack was nowhere to be found. And, like every other time before, the situation was too much of an emergency for him to walk away from it and drag Jack back by his ear.

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Written 1/6/2020

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I did not do much this month.

The holidays were fun. I didn’t end up writing much of anything over it, however. For some reason, changing direction, even in something as small as “I’ve finished Scene C, time to start Scene D!” always stalls me out. Probably because my lizard brain just panics about not knowing exactly what to do next. It’s so annoying. I have yet to find an effective way to combat it. Still looking. If anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear them.

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