More mental brick walls and iPhone spiderwebs.

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I’ve lost count at this point. Debating if I should start counting it over again or just start off where the last numbered one left off.

Story Updates

I’ve been hitting a bit of a wall, so I’m figuring out what is going on that feels weird. So yes, there is progress, just not in the form of wordcount.


I, for the first time in my phone-owning life, have spiderwebbed a phone screen. So we had to get a new one on Sunday.

It keeps shedding tiny shards.

Technically Mom got a new one and I got her old one, but it’s new to me (and a really good phone) so yay! It also has a ton of memory on it. I can fit my entire music library on it now!

But this did push back my schedule by a day, as the time I would normally spend cleaning stuff on Sunday was eaten by that. So I did it on Monday and just shifted everything over.

My brother also turned 21 yesterday1Thursday! Ice cream cake was had. It was delicious.

Is that all?

Yeah, pretty much. Should have readable progress next time. See you then!

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