Waffles, of course. Prepare for page bake times.

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Something Update #???



You’re not coming back from a several months long hiatus with two pages of waffle gifs.



Why not?

Well for one the whole thing is an inside joke that you explicitly draw attention to here.

And waffles are not as inherently funny as you seem to think.

Waffles are always funny, tho!

No, yeah, you’re right.

But I think it might work here!

Maybe, but I thought this was supposed to be a return to form



So this whole thing is just a weird waffle joke?

No, it’s just not a return to form.

Why would I return to form?

The form got boring.

To write and (I assume) to read.

How are waffle gifs a good replacement for boring updates?


How are they not?

You have told them nothing about your writing progress!

Which are what I assumed these blog updates were for

And you haven’t updated your story in 9 months!

Well, that’s ’cause I’ve been plotting.

Plotting what?

Dude, don’t do anything stupid


My story

I’ve been plotting out my story


You of all people should know I’m not organized enough yet to bring any earnest plottings to fruition yet.


So are you, like, planning all your scenes out or something?


‘Cause that’s gonna take a while.

No no no no no

I’m just figuring out big plot points and the general order they’ll probably be in.


That shouldn’t take too long.

Yeah, it shouldn’t

Though it’d probably be a lot quicker if I didn’t keep getting hyperfocused on Sims 4

Oh no

You downloaded it didn’t you?

I told you this would happen!

You never listen to me!

But it was free!

You’re never gonna finish this story, are you?


I resent that remark!

It’s true, tho


I’ve already installed an app blocker on the computer. How do you think I finished this update?


Well as long as you actually use it, that may actually help.



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